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Cleversafe grabs an HP reseller deal, too

Hewlett-Packard isn’t tied to one object storage product, not even its own. Days after revealing a reseller deal with Scality for its Ring software, HP and Cleversafe today said HP would also resell Cleversafe’s dsNet. HP resells software from both private companies on its ProLiant servers.

HP has worked closely with both vendors, and already set up a web page set to sell their object storage software before it reached official reseller deals for either. HP also has its own object storage in its StoreAll product.

As with Scality, Cleversafe sees a deal with HP as an opportunity to expand its sales reach.

Peter Howard, Cleversafe’s vice president of channels and alliances, said the deal came about after HP and Cleversafe developed a base of common customers. Cleversafe sells its dsNet software on appliances, but optimized it to work for HP customers who wanted to buy the software separately to run on ProLiant servers.

Cleversafe continues to sell appliances, but Howard said the software holds the value.

“We’re committed to being a software company,” Howard said. “The hardware is there as a convenience for customers who want one throat to choke. All the value is in the software. HP said they wanted to be the one throat for their customers, and they wanted to sell our software.”

Howard said Cleversafe’s largest customer segment is service providers, and most of its growth is in financial services, life sciences and other verticals that have a great deal of data growth. Active archive and web content are common uses cases.

“We look pretty attractive after you get above a petabyte of data,” he said.

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