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Clearpace becomes RainStor

A startup that deduplicates and archives structured data to the cloud has a new name and new home.

Clearpace Software today changed its name to RainStor and moved its headquarters from the U.K. to San Francisco. RainStor was already the name of the archiving service Clearpace provided around its NPArchive database archiving software. The vendor will keep its developers in the U.K., but is moving operations to San Francisco because its future depends upon building industry partnerships.

Today, the company also released RainStor 3.5, aimed at customers such as telcos that deal with billions of customer data records. RainStor software can be delivered as a virtual appliance, embedded in an application through partners or integrated into a cloud service.

RainStor CEO John Bantleman claims his company’s software can get 40-1 compression of data inside databases, and customers can retrieve data from archives without reinflating it. RainStor calls its technology “pattern deduplication,” which stores individual patterns inside a database once to reduce the amount of data in the archive. Customers can query the archived data.

“We’re not talking about offline and tape archiving,” Bantleman said. “We’re talking about giving customers the ability to access historical information at the same level of performance that they can when retrieving data from online storage.”

Analyst Simon Robinson, storage research director for The 451 Group, says RainStor appears best positioned as a software as a service (SaaS) play. RainStor’s SaaS Data Escrow service pprovides a third-party copy of data to ensure the data within SaaS applications is always available, and its Application Retirement service lets organizations keep historical data from legacy applications that are retired during migrations to new software applications.

“I don’t see anybody else doing what they’re doing on a technology level,” Robinson said.
Database archiving never really achieved its initial promise. They take it a step further with massive compression, and you’re able to reinstate data without having to reinflate it.”

RainStor has an OEM deal with data integration vendor Informatica, and NPArchive is integrated with EMC Centera. It claims more than 50 customers, including several telcos. Its ability to put together a partner channel will likely determine RainStor’s success, especially if its future is in the cloud.

“We believe the use of the cloud for archiving and archiving services will dominate the industry,” Bantleman said.

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