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Citrix throws VDI support behind Nutanix

Now that Nutanix has its own Acropolis hypervisor, the hyper-converged vendor is lining up support for applications to work with it.

Today Nutanix said a leading virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) application will work with its Acropolis software. No, it’s not VMware Horizon. The partner is Citrix, which said it will support Acropolis on XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp products along with NetScaler and ShareFile.

VDI is a key use case for Nutanix hyper-converged products. Most of its customers use VMware hypervisors, but Nutanix is positioning itself to provide an alternative to VMware. VMware started competing with Nutanix when it launched its Virtual SAN (VSAN) hyper-converged software in 2014, and Nutanix answered by developing its own hypervisor this year.

“This is a big milestone, because until now customers probably would not have deployed XenDesktop on our Acropolis hypervisor,” said Howard Ting, nutanix senior vice president of marketing. “We need to build out our [Acropolis] ecosystem. VDI is important to us and naturally, you can assume we will not get VMware Horizon support. We felt Citrix support was critical.”

The Acropolis architecture lets customers move from one hypervisor to another, so a Nutanix customer running XenDesktop with VMware vSphere can move it to the Acropolis hypervisor.

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