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Caringo joins the Amazon API bandwagon

 Caringo Inc. recently launched its CloudScaler 2.0, adding support for Amazon S3 support and transparent disaster recovery options for cloud service providers. The company now joins a growing number of companies  like Cleversafe Inc. and Amplidata that support Amazon APIs.

“This allows S3 API calls written throughout APIs of our object storage. S3 has done a very good job of building an ecosystem or support of applications,” said Adrian Herrera, Caringo’s senior director of marketing. “We definitely see a demand for (Amazon S3 APIs). We see it in the enterprise and also see demand from the service provider side.”

The update version also offers customized and transparent disaster recovery capabilities, which include more control over content location for disaster recovery and access, and automated local and geographic distribution of objects to multiple locations. This is particularly important for companies that have compliance and regulation concerns.

This most recent announcement follows Caringo’s announcement that it has integrated CAStor object storage software with CTERA Cloud Attached Storage gateways and the CTERA portfolio cloud storage solution.

The solutions now is available via a perpetual license or on-demand pricing model.

CloudScaler 2.0 offers enterprise features for cloud service providers that include CAStor’s WORM functionality, integrity seals and Elastic Content Protection. It offers replication and erasure coding simultaneously for any storage SLA. The 2.0 version allows most existing applications that support Amazon S3 to work seamlessly once reconfigured to send requests to CloudScaler. The cloud storage infrastructure is expanded with no service downtime and automated storage balancing.

CloudScaler 2.0 also is interoperable with the Citrix Cloud Portal Business Manager, which allows administrators to build clouds, manage and deliver any cloud or IT service through a single service platform. They can provision storage running in the cloud, aggregate cloud   infrastructure

 “We plug in as a connector to give administrators a dashboard,” said Herrera. “We plug in the infrastructure into those management features.

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