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Can this storage cloud be saved?

U.K.-based Aorta Cloud is trying to rescue its soon-to-be-defunct cloud storage provider partner Nirvanix, and has apparently enlisted the help of IBM. The provider is also asking if Nirvanix customers want to pitch in.

Aorta – with the help of its sister company Aorta Capital – has set up a Nirvanix Rescue Package page on its website detailing efforts to save the day for Nirvanix customers. Nirvanix notified its customers earlier this week that they have until the end of September to move their data off its cloud because it is going out of business.

The note on the Aorta web site from CEO Steve Ampleford claims his group has a “seven-figure commitment” to provide liquidity and a bank has agreed to match its investment. He also asked if there were any Nirvanix customers who would like to join his funding effort. The plan is to raise enough money to keep the company going for at least two months, and then try to secure more funding to save it long-term or at least give customers more time to get their data off the Nirvanix cloud. Ampleford said he wanted to consolidate Nirvanix’s seven global data centers into two or three to maintain operations while reducing overhead.

“After all, the hurdles for existing customers to move their data are substantial and if there is any way that we can help Nirvanix continue its operations, this has to be a preferable scenario for those customers to any alternative,” Ampleford wrote in his blog. “ … The technology is robust and solid, the business is credible, the market clearly exists and demand is there. We must be able to find a way forward together.

An update to the site posted today claims “We can now publicly confirm that IBM are an active participant in our attempt to drive forward a solution. More to follow …”

IBM is a Nirvanix OEM partner.

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