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CA has yet to deliver

This last week, I had a chance to catch up with CA on what integration has occurred in their Recovery Management product line since I last spoke to them in February. Based upon what they told me in the first interview and the little progress they had made, I spoke to them again to make sure I didn’t miss something.

“Scrambling” is the word that Frank Jablonski, CA’s Product Marketing Director, used to describe CA’s efforts to pull together and offer customers some level of integration between their XOSoft and ArcServe product line. To that end, they have released two service packs to start to integrate these products.

The first service pack enabled ArcServe to use a script to create backups from CA’s CDP product — XOSoft WANSync. The script does the following:

  • Periodically stops the replication on XOSoft WANSync.
  • Takes a point in time copy of the data on the WANSync server.
  • Resumes the replication.
  • Backs up that point-in-time copy.

ArcServe then centrally manages that point-in-time backup which companies can use for longer term retention. The second service pack provided that same functionality but added a GUI interface.

However, I know many good system administrators that could write that script in their sleep. That leaves the integration with XOSoft WANSync and ArcServe at little more than a rudimentary level. Though it demonstrates progress, CA needs to accelerate their efforts in light of the announcements that CommVault and Symantec have made in the last couple of months.

To catch up, CA is planning major version upgrades of XOSoft in January 2008 and ArcServe in the spring of 2008. Jablonski promised users will see both product upgrades and more integration across CA’s different data protection products at that time. However, CA will likely not complete their integration efforts until about 2010 or 2011.

CA definitely has the potential and the software to offer users a robust data protection and management package. To CA’s advantage, backup software is generally not a product that users are apt to rip and replace. However, CA is currently trailing some other backup software vendors in their integration and delivery of new features. But, this will likely only begin to matter if I am still making blog entries similar to this one about their product a year from now.

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