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Buffalo unleashes 100 GB Flash drive

Even my friends who don’t normally follow the storage business are atwitter over an Engadget report that Buffalo has unleashed a 100 GB behemoth flash drive upon the world. Geeks everywhere are probably salivating to take the thing apart (yes, I’m looking at you, Tory) … unfortunately, they’ll have to wait. The catch is that Buffalo is only releasing the product for now in its home country of Japan.

According to company reps, the $1,000 asking price for the credit-card sized USB accessory makes it less than cost-effective to import right now. (If you just can’t get enough flash memory, there are 64 GB monsters roaming North America.)

The Engadget comments section also contains an interesting discussion of the merits of such a large flash drive. In the Engadget screenshot, the card looks like a  behemoth, but the post says it’s about the size of a credit card. Still, it launched a spirited discussion that I think asks some pertinent questions, namely, “would it not be more practical to just buy a $300 travel drive?”

At this juncture, and at this price point, certainly. But Moore’s law waits for no man, and the price of a 100 GB card will come down. Hence the other questions that this announcement begs: at what capacity and price point does a mechanical drive become more practical than a solid state drive? How will that equation change over time? It’s something we in the storage market are going to have to examine more closely in the coming year.

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I wonder if this is all on the same board or some kind of USB Frankenstien w/ smarts (RAID 0) in that enclosure. Seems large from the picture, you are right Beth, I do want to take it apart! I would be more open to carrying 100GB of flash vs 100GB of spinning disk as a "safer" alternative to my notebook hard drive, but I still want to take it apart first.
Really Flash drives plays major role in Portable Storage devices. Starts with 512mb storage capacity now the technlogy is in its 100gb storage device. I am eagerly looking for this product in the market.