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Broadcom jumps into FCoE fray, without Emulex

Broadcom, which failed in its bid to buy Emulex for its Fibre Channel over Etherenet (FCoE) stack earlier this year, is planning to demonstrate FCoE functionality on its 10GbE NetXtreme II controller Tuesday at its analyst day.

NetXtreme II is a single-ASCI card that Broadcom says can provide hardware-based acceleration and offload technology for FCoE and iSCSI. NetXtreme II cards are already shipping that support Layer 2 Ethernet and iSCSI. Burhan Masood, Broadcom’s senior manager of product marketing for high-speed controllers, says the FCoE capability was developed in-house.

“Broadcom is not new to storage, and we intend to be a serious player in this space,” Masood said.

QLogic went to market with the first single-ASIC converged network adapter (CNA) supporting FCoE, and has design wins with IBM, Dell and NetApp for its FCoE card. Emulex picked up its first FCoE design win for its OneConnect card last week with Verari Systems, which is restructuring amid rumors it is going out of business.

Masood says Broadcom has a leg up on QLogic’s single-ASIC 8100 series CNA because Broadcom supports iSCSI on its card. QLogic’s 8100 handle 10-Gig Ethernet and FCoE.

Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Dell sell Broadcom NetExtreme II cards, and Masood says the card is available for server vendors to sample with FCoE functionality.

So, if Broadcom has FCoE capability on its unified adapters already, why did it need Emulex?

“Emulex may have helped with time to market, but one could argue about that,” Massoud said. “We tried to hedge our bets and had in-house development going and we were committed to that as well. This is a home-brewed solution.”

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