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BridgeStor looks to optimize SMB storage

Startup BridgeStor came out of stealth today with a series of application-aware appliances that perform data deduplication, compression, encryption and thin provisioning for primary and secondary data.

BridgeStor’s first three devices are Application-Optimized Storage (AOS) for VMware, AOS for Backup Exec 2010, and AOS for Network Storage (iSCSI). The VMware and Network Storage appliances hold 30 TB of capacity and the Backup Exec box holds 20 TB but reduces data through dedupe and compression.

BridgeStor founder and CEO John Matze said he is planning other appliances, including those tuned for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint.

The appliances are 2U Hewlett-Packard severs with 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity that run on Microsoft Windows Storage Server. They encrypt data at rest and to transfer into the cloud, and support thin provisioning. The hardware is manufactured by Hewlett-Packard and runs on Microsoft Windows Storage Server.

“I like to say BridgeStor does for storage what Vmware does for servers,” said Matze, who previously founded Siafu Software (acquired by Hifn) and Okapi (acquired by Overland Storage). He also spent time at Veritas, Overland, Hifn and Exar after it acquired Hifn.

He most recently was at Exar. “I spun myself out of Exar to do this project,” he said of self-funded BridgeStor. But he also made a deal with Exar to OEM the chip that provides deduplication and encryption inside his AOS boxes.

Matze said BridgeStor will be focused on small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because most of the data reduction competition is aiming at the enterprise. He sees a short-term opportunity in backup and “the long-term vision is to be involved with long-term movement of data into cloud.”

Pricing for the apppliances begin at around $20,000.

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