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Be immune to e-discovery requests and avoid having to archive emails

Want to avoid having to archive your emails? All you have to do is get elected President. Or, at least, be President Bush.

The overseer of unprecedented government snooping tactics on private citizens has taken umbrage at the suggestion that his email correspondence be similarly vulnerable to prying eyes, saying he’ll veto a bill passed by the House July 8  that would revise the Presidential Records Act and the Federal Records Act to address Presidential email records–specifically, the archiving and preservation thereof.

This all started last year, when a watchdog group claimed that members of the Republican National Committee used their RNC email addresses, which are supposed to be for campaign matters only, to conduct other business with the White House. When asked to turn over those emails, the Bush administration said, ““Oops.” Oh, and coincidentally, emails relating to the infamous Scooter Libby/Valerie Plame affair are also among the missing, according to

Now, what do you think would happen if the CEO of even the most powerful corporation attempted to respond that way to an e-discovery request?

That said, I don’t expect this legislation to pass anyway, if the track record of data privacy legislation is any indication.

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Are you joking?? After the Clinton admin having IRS files on political enemies. Constantly "losing" files and "forgetting" details about dirty land deals, and you publish THIS tripe!! Also on the "..infamous Scooter Libby/Valerie Plame affair". Scooter Libby DID NOT out Valerie Plame!! William Armatage did. But since he wasn't Dick Cheney or "The Architect", nothing was done about it. Libbey is Not in prison for outing Plame. But Inaccurate reporting like this is what keeps the Disinformation alive.
"William Armatage", Should read "Richard Armitage" Now that I can see straight again. =)