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Barracuda storage swims with hardware, software upgrades

Customers of Barracuda Networks just received some welcome news. In tandem with an upcoming software release, the backup specialist gave a 25% capacity boost to one of its midrange disk-based Barracuda storage appliances and lowered list prices on two high-end models.

Barracuda Backup software version 6.3 is slated for general availability later this year. The new agent adds multi-streaming replication and tools to export data to virtual tape storage in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

The software enhancements will be available to customers that purchase Barracuda storage directly from the vendor, as well as backup storage products via its Intronis managed services provider (MSP).

On the hardware side, new Barracuda Backup 990 appliances have 48 TB of usable storage, up from 36 TB. Model pricing remains the same at $49,999. Customers with an active Instant Replacement subscription will receive the upgraded Barracuda 990 at no charge. Instant Replacement entitles eligible Barracuda customers to upgrade their hardware every four years.

Prices are reduced on Barracuda Backup 995 and Barracuda Backup 1090 devices. Barracuda’s 995 model starts at $67,000 for 72 TB of usable storage, down from $90,000.  The Backup 1090 device with 112 TB of usable Barracuda storage starts at $105,000,  reduced from $135,000.

Barracuda Backup software version 6.3 is in early availability. The existing software includes a feature called LiveBoot, which allows users to run image-based backups of virtual servers for instant recovery. The addition of multi-streaming is designed to improve backup and restore times by allowing a backup server to process several files simultaneously. Barracuda also added a replication-queuing system to address storage bottlenecks in high-transaction environments.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is a software-as-a-service offering launched in 2015 for Microsoft Office 365. Barracuda said v6.3 reduces the time needed to complete incremental backups running a hosted online version of Microsoft Windows applications.

Barracuda’s storage cloud allows subscribers to place data in an offsite vault for up to seven years. To support longer retention times, the enhanced Barracuda software adds the AWS Storage Gateway-VTL for long-term retention in Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon Glacier.

Barracuda is best known for its network security products, but enterprise storage accounts for a growing part of its business, with offerings tailored for backup and data protection. The Barracuda storage portfolio expanded last September with its $65 million acquisition of Intronis Inc., which designs backup platforms used specifically by MSPs.