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Bandwidth of station wagon on New Jersey Turnpike fails real-life test

Some people will do anything to avoid data migration.

You can’t inhabit the storage industry for longer than a week without becoming intimately acquainted with how painful data migration is. Whole product categories have sprung from this pain.

But…still…as an application and internet service provider, you might have hoped Massachusetts-based NaviSite would have had a more foresight than to consolidate data centers by packing servers onto trucks owned by a recently acquired company and shipping them up to Boston by truck. In the process, according to a account of the chaos that ensued, the company “cut off Internet service to thousands of individuals and small businesses across the country for nearly a week.”

One Boston blog made a frank assessment of the situation:

…instead of doing it the right way (buying new servers, getting them running in Andover, then using that wacky thing called the Internet to move all the data from Baltimore to Andover), they did it the majorly wrong way.

For most of our audience, there’s at least one comforting lesson to be taken from this story: you could be having a pretty bad day, but at least you’re not the guy who made that decision.

ETA: Speaking of roads and data. We have to take our storage humor where we can get it, so I also feel the need to share with you the line from an acquaintance of mine when he heard about Fujifilm’s new GPS tape tracking unit: “I wonder what a tape falling off the back of a truck and bouncing down the road looks like on a GPS system.”

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