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BakBone repackages Asempra

Fresh from its fire-sale acquisition of Windows CDP partner Asempra Inc., BakBone Software Inc. has released a new series of software-only versions of Asempra’s Business Continuity Appliance dubbed NetVault FASTRecover (NVFR).

BakBone VP of marketing Jeff Drescher said Asempra always shipped its software on appliances, whether the Business Continuity Server, which attached in a clustered configuration to a SAN, or the standalone Business Continuity Appliance launched earlier this year. BakBone also plans to release new appliances this summer, but this week launched new software-only deployment options for the Asempra software.

BakBone also plans additional integration between BakBone’s NetVault Backup software and FASTRecover, like controlling the export of CIFS traffic through Asempra from NetVault, and adding SQL 2008 and Microsoft SharePoint support. “There’s a lot more we can do going forward to bring the companies closer together,” he said.

But the first priority is repositioning Asempra to go after small businesses and the midmarket more aggressively, which BakBone officials said was the goal at the time of acquisition earlier this month. For those purposes, it’s introducing new configurations of Asempra’s software targeted at different market segments according to company size.

NetVault FASTRecover WorkGroup Edition includes licenses to protect 3 servers and up to 2 TB of storage; Data Center Edition covers 6 servers and 5 TB; Enterprise Edition scales beyond 6 hosts and 5 TB. Workgroup Edition is priced at $2995; Data Center Edition at $8,995; and Enterprise Edition at $19,995. This is lower than Asempra’s previous entry pricing for BCA at $30,000. Appliance versions that correspond with each of the editions will be available in July. Pricing was not yet available for the new appliances yet.

“I think that is a great idea. It allows you to get the hardware you want to use so if you are a Dell shop you can get Dell,” wrote Asempra  user Derek Kruger, IT and communications supervisor for the City of Safford, Ariz., in an email to Storage Soup. “I know that a lot of the vendors are pushing the appliance angle but having a ‘black box’ that does something so critical is kind of scary.”

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Great article. Thru is a great way for enterprises to send large files in the cloud.
I would have liked it if you would have discussed Citrix's options too.
Bynder have also recently launched a cloud based file sharing solution called Bynder Orbit.