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Backblaze B2 takes on Amazon, Google and Azure

Cloud provider Backblaze has gone GA with B2 Cloud Storage, a cloud service that is trying to compete with heavy hitters such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure at a cheaper cost.

The Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, which went into private beta in September 2015 and then public beta December that year, is an open-source object storage service in the cloud. It provides cloud storage for backup, disaster recovery, replication and copying data on tape and it can work with on-premise or public-based cloud.

“If you want compute or database and you use Amazon S3 storage, then you want to stay with Amazon,” Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman said. “But if you don’t need all the other things that Amazon offers and you care about cost then we will provide the storage. B2 is four to six times lower in cost than Amazon S3.”

Backblaze came out of stealth seven years ago with the Backblaze Storage Pod that was a high-density, cheap online cloud service that offered unlimited storage at $5 a month. It was marketed as online backup for consumers and businesses with no more than a few employees.

The company built its own systems, called storage pods that contain 67 TB of capacity in 4U servers for its cloud. Backblaze now is making its cloud service available either through a Web interface, a command line interface or API interface integrated with applications.

Backblaze partners Synology, CloudBerry Lab and Ortana Media Group use B2 as a cloud target. Synology’s Network Attached storage (NAS) users can sync folders between the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and the Synology NAS system. After installing the 2.1.0 Cloud Sync package to their system, customers can select Backblaze B2 as their cloud destination.

CloudBerry Lab, which provides a cloud-based backup and file management service to small to med-size business, has integrated Backblaze B2 with the CloudBerry Backup for Windows Servers. Support for B2 on CloudBerry Explorer and CloudBerry Managed Backup Service is on the road map.

Ortana Media Group’s Cubix is a scalable software platform for controlling media workflow, such as post production, broadcast and archiving. Backblaze B2 is integrated in Cubix as a storage destination for a customer’s digital assets. Cubix defines storage rules and can automatically route the assets to the appropriate storage media and location.