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Axcient new virtual appliance faster, Hyper-V support on the horizon

Axcient introduced the second generation of its back up and disaster recovery virtual appliance that now is available in smaller storage capacities with reduced  backup times. The new appliance allows companies to replicate data, applications and virtual machines into the cloud for granular system protection and disaster recovery in VMware environments.

Daniel Kuperman, Axcient’s senior product marketing manager, said the company has had 350 deployments of the Axcient virtual appliance and 80 customers. The virtual appliance launched last March, which works similarly to the hardware appliance that Axcient sold since 2009, handled 20 TB backup data. It provided local and cloud replication, local server failover, and granular local recovery of files, folders, applications and images.

The new version comes in several form factors and capacities of 1 TB, 2TB, 4 TB, 6TB, 10 TB, 14 TB and 20 TB, and Axcient said it has a 50 percent reduction in backup times.  It supports hardware running AMD processors, while the previous version only worked with Intel servers.

“Customers wanted it to be faster. They wanted it to be a lighter storage footprint,” Kuperman said. “They also wanted it to run on hardware, specifically they want to repurpose an existing hardware appliance they had.”

Kuperman said the improved backup speed comes from tweaks Axcient made to the change block capability. The virtual appliance pricing starts at $14 a month for the 1 TB version.

Kuperman said Axcient plans to support Microsoft Hyper-V, although there is no timeframe for that yet.

“It’s significant that we are speeding up the process for Hyper-V,” he said. “”We are getting requests from multiple fronts, froms MSPs who say their customers are coming to them (with the request).”

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