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Axcient adds appliance-less recovery to its cloud services

Cloud Provider Axcient launched an appliance-less, direct-to-cloud recovery service aimed at small-to-medium sized businesses or remote office data protection.

The company has been selling a physical appliance for several years and last year it introduced a virtual appliance to replicate data and applications to the cloud. This appliance-less recovery service is focused on environments where an “appliance on-premise is over kill,” said Todd Scallan, Axcient’s vice president of products and engineering.

Scallan said customers access the service by downloading an agent from the Axcient website. The service offers image-level replication to the cloud, recovery and server fail over, file-level recovery, full-image restore and bare metal recovery. If data needs to be recovered, the point-in-time snapshot is selected and downloaded. Axcient can ship a thumb drive or 2 TB or 3 TB drives if a new image is required.

“We’ve always had an appliance for on-site, whether it is virtual or physical,” said Scallan. “The is a new offering where neither is required. Data is encrypted and you get incremental change-block recovery capability the same as the appliance-based cloud. There is a cloud-based user interface and you see all the point-in-time snapshot replicas to the other site.”

Scallan said organizations that have business critical servers want appliances for rapid recovery rather than recovery over the Internet. Those organizations that require a recovery service without an on-premise appliance “are only limited by the bandwidth they have,” Scallan added.