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Avere launches new FXT Edge filers

Avere Systems rolled out a new high-end and midrange FXT Edge physical appliances that offer more performance and storage compared to the previous systems that will be replaced.

The new 1U appliances have more density compared to the previous 2U 3850 and 4850 generation, while holding more CPU cores, solid state drive (SSD) capacity, NVAM and, in the case of the 5600, more DRAM.

The FXT 5600 holds 9.6 TB SSDs per node and scales up to 480 TB per cluster. That is double the amount of SSDs compared to the previous FXT model. The FXT 5400 holds 4.8TB per node and replaces the  and scales up to 240TB per cluster.

Jeff Tabor, Avere’s senior director of product management and marketing, said the new systems boast new performance that can be clustered to up to 50 systems so the performance builds across all the nodes. The 5600 can achieve 3.7 GBs per second while the 5400 can achieve 2.7 GBs per second. Avere is positioning the 5600 as both a capacity and performance system, while the 5400 is more of a capacity play.

“It’s just less expensive for those who don’t need quite as much,” Tabor said. “Our mission is to optimize on-premise infrastructure and enable the ability to move to the cloud.”

Both the 5600 and 5400 include 16 CRU cores and four GBs of NVAM. They have four 10GbE port and four 1GbE ports. The3 5600 has 384 GBs of DRAM and the 5400 use 256 GBs of DRAM. Both FXT 5000 models are 50 percent smaller than the prior FXT systems.

Avere’s FXT Edge filers are scale-out NAS devices built for the hybrid cloud and are used to boost performance for NAS devices. The systems support bothNFS and SMB protocols so businesses can store data and run applications on premises or in the cloud with minimal latency.

The systems support Avere’s FlashCloud for Amazon S3, Google, IBM and Cleversafe, HGST and Amplidata and SwiftStack. Avere layers a file system on object storage to accelerate performance.

n October 2015, Avere Systems expanded its cloud storage strategy with CloudFusion virtual NAS software designed specifically for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The CloudFusion virtual NAS filer is a 64-bit file system that Avere claims can scale to 1 exabyte in the public cloud.

It follows Avere’s 2014 launch of its Virtual FXT Edge Filer, a software-only version of its FXT Edge Filer that works as network-attached storage (NAS) in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). CloudFusion is based on the same vFXT Edge software technology designed for big data processing and storage in the cloud.

CloudFusion uses three tiers of AWS, storing data on EC2, Elastic Block Storage (EBS) or Simple Storage Service (S3), depending on usage patterns. It supports Network File Storage and Server Message Block protocols, and comes in two versions — one that supports four virtual CPUs and includes 30.5 GB of DRAM, and larger version that supports eight virtual CPUs and 61 GB of DRAM. Both support snapshots, compression and data tiering in RAM, solid-state drives and SATA disk drives.