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Atlantis unveils ILIO for Citrix XenApp

Atlantis Computing today launched Atlantis ILIO for Citrix XenApp, which helps reduce I/O and latency problems often associated with application virtualization. The product runs on a VMware vSphere hypervisor and is aimed at customers planning to virtualize XenApp 6.5 with Windows Server 2008 R2.

The new product is built on the same codebase as Atlantis ILIO for VDI but this new version is targeted at customers deploying application virtualization. Atlantis ILIO helps eliminate I/O bottleneck because it processes I/O locally within the hypervisor’s memory. It does inline deduplication to reduce the amount of data hitting the NAS or SAN.

Atlantis ILIO for XenApp is a virtual machine that is deployed on each XenApp server and creates an NFS datastore that acts as the storage for the XenApp VMs running on Windows Server 2008 R2.

“We correct the problem the way we do with VDI,” said Seth Knox, Atlantis’ director of marketing. “All duplicate storage traffic is generally eliminated before it’s sent to the storage. “

Torsten Volk, senior analyst for Enterprise Management Associates, said Atlantis ILIO for XenApp helps optimize performance because it sequentializes and dedupes the I/O traffic. He also said support for XenApp will broaden Atlantis’ market substantially.

“There is a much larger customer base for Citrix XenApp compared to the VDI market and only minimal changes to the Atlantis ILIO codebase were required to accommodate XenApp,” Volk said. “Not many are using VDI because the ROI is still unclear, but XenApp is a well-liked and vastly adopted platform that has provided tremendous customer value for over a decade.”

Knox said there are customers who ask for both products, but agreed there will be more demand for ILIO for XenApp.

“There is a much larger install base of people using XenApp,” Knox said. “Many of our customers use both VDI and XenApp, so they asked us to do a version for XenApp.”

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