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Atempo and FalconStor announce storage products for media and entertainment -- *Updated*

With the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference going on this week in Las Vegas, some storage vendors are polishing their wares for the media and entertainment space, including Atempo Inc. and FalconStor Software.

Atempo’s Digital Archive (ADA) version 3.1 adds updates designed to attract users in the media and entertainment space, a focus for the digital archiving and data backup vendor given its partnership with Apple Inc.

According to director of product marketing and management Marylise Tauzia, ADA 3.1 adds the ability to extract information file headers in MXF format, including time stamp information for video files. “MXF is becoming a standard file format like XML,” Tauzia said. A partnership with a company called OpenCube allows for metadata extraction from the MXF format. The new release also adds dedicated support of media and entertainment industry formats like DPX and MOV (associated with Apple’s QuickTime).

ADA users will also be able to perform partial restore of MXF and MOV files down to the millisecond, Tauzia said, rather than dragging an entire large video file back from the archive.

Finally, ADA 3.1 adds integration into Apple’s Final Cut Server and Final Cut Pro interfaces, so users can right click in the Final Cut Pro menu to restore an item (something akin to Windows Shell scripts available in other archiving platforms). Integration with Final Cut Server has been updated to support metadata export to ADA. In the past, such metadata had to remain on the Final Cut Server, meaning restores had to be performed through that Server. “Now users can restore through the ADA GUI if they prefer,” according to Tauzia. Final Cut Server also groups assets used to make a movie into productions, which previously had to be archived asset by asset — thanks to the new integration, productions can be archived whole.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) analyst Brian Babineau pointed out Atempo’s technology could be applied in other industries like oil and gas, “anyplace massive files.”

As a relatively small company, according to Babineau, Atempo “needs to pick [its] battles. Atempo has unique capabilities in media and entertainment, there isn’t a ton of competition in this space, and it allows Atempo to focus its resources.”

In another announcement today, FalconStor unveiled HyperFS for Media and Entertainment, a file system it says was designed for large sequential file access by many clients in multimedia environments. FalconStor previewed HyperFS as a cloud data storage product, but its release this week describes HyperFS as “designed for post-production and broadcasting.” It’s unclear at this point if this represents a repositioning of the product or just one facet of its marketing — stay tuned for more on that front.

*Update 4/13/10* A FalconStor spokesperson sent the following comment about HyperFS positioning overnight:

FalconStor is first focusing on the media and entertainment industry. They will look at how HyperFS may help other industries in the future that have massive amounts of data files.

FalconStor also announced a new OEM for HyperFS yesterday in the media and entertainment space, SeaChange International Inc., which will incorporate the file system into its Universal MediaLibrary product.

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