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Asigra can commoditize backup hardware for cloud providers, but what about users?

Asigra unveiled interesting technology this week with its new software stack that can reduce costs for its cloud backup service provider partners.

Calling it software-defined data protection, Asigra is offering a free download that runs on commodity hardware and replaces the need for expensive disk arrays as backup targets. Asigra’s open-source stack includes FreeBSD software and ZFS. ZFS serves as a mount point on the hardware. The providers still need to install Asigra Cloud Backup on customers’ site.

The software adds value for service providers, but doesn’t change things for users. It could, though. Asigra executive vice president Eran Farajun said the company is talking to commodity hardware vendors about bundling the software on low-cost appliances.

“It’s absolutely possible,” he said. “We’re talking with a couple of OEM vendors that sell commoditized hardware who are looking for applications like this. Software sells hardware, not the other way around.”

In keeping with Asgira’s business model, these appliances would be sold to service providers. But that wouldn’t stop other backup software vendors from doing something similar with their software and bringing it market for end users on appliances that cost far less than the specialized targets already on the market.

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