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Another storage analyst defects to a vendor

Barry Murphy, formerly of Forrester Research, has been named the new director of product marketing for Mimosa, tasked with “expanding the company’s eDiscovery and content management partner ecosystem and broadening awareness for and adoption of Mimosa Systems’ award-winning content archiving platform.”

The cynically inclined might say he already did a similar thing with his last major act as a Forrester analyst, the publication of two reports on message archiving products. The reports concluded that on-premise software archives (such as Mimosa’s) are gaining more traction and are more mature in their features than hosted archiving offerings.

I don’t really believe this was anything other than coincidence–the research for such a report goes on for months and the report was obviously started well in advance of this transition. It makes sense that an analyst whose expertise was in records management and archiving would go to a vendor in that sector of the market. But sometimes the appearance of a conflict of interest can be as problematic as an actual conflict of interest. At the least, from my perspective, it’s unfortunate timing.

Murphy joins Tony Asaro, who recently resurfaced as chief strategy officer for Virtual Iron after a short stint with Dell, as the most recent storage analysts to head to vendors. It has been suggested to me that most analysts wind up at vendors or doing consulting, so maybe this is a natural lifecycle we’re seeing.

Speaking of defections, it has also been announced that Dr. David Yen has left Sun for Juniper. Yen was formerly the head of Sun’s storage group, who was shifted to their chip group following the restructuring of the storage and server groups under John Fowler last year.

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I have known both of these gentlemen for a number of years and think the world of them. I do not see any reason to doubt their past reports and industry comments as other then genuine. Brian McCarthy President Sencilo solutions