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Amplidata gets funding from Intel, others for object storage

Object-storage startup Amplidata picked up $8 million in funding and a new strategic investor today.

New investor Intel Capital joins previous Amplidata investors Swisscom Ventures, Big Bang Ventures and Endeavour Vision to bring the vendor’s total funding to $14 million. Amplidata CEO Wim De Wispelaere said the funding will be used to beef up sales and marketing for the AmpliStor Optimized Object Storage system that has been making its way into cloud and “big data” implementations.

The vendor’s headquarters are in Belgium and it also has a Redwood City, Calif.  office. Most of its early customers are in Europe, so you can expect to see a big marketing push in the U.S. now.

Object storage is considered one of the hottest emerging technologies and used for dealing with large data stores. AmpliStor features an erasure code technology called BitSpread to store data redundantly across a large number of disks, and its BitDynamics technology handles data integrity verification, self-monitoring, and automatic data healing.

De Wispelaere said Amplidata’s customers generally fall into two use case categories that require scalable storage. “The first use case is what we call online applications,” he said. “Customers have written their own application and need to scale out their storage to store photos, videos or file. Another big market is media and entertainment. We’re used as a nearline archive for a postproduction system, so data is readily available whenever it’s needed.”

Amplidata faces stiff competition in both areas. For the cloud, it’s going against startups such as Scality, Cleversafe and Mezeo as well as established players Hitachi Data Systems HCAP, EMC Atmos and Dell DX, and API-based service providers such as RackSpace OpenStack and Amazon S3. In scale-out storage, its competition includes EMC Isilon, HDS BlueArc, and NetApp.

Amplidata is part of Intel’s Cloud Builders alliance, and last fall demonstrated its system at the Intel Development Forum. That relationship –- and Intel’s investment – should ensure that Amplidata will be kept current on the Intel roadmap.

It’s possible that Amplidata is benefitting from its relationship with Swisscom as well. Swisscom offers cloud services, but De Wispelaere could not say if it uses Amplidata storage. “I have a strict NDA with Swisscom,” he said.

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