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Amplidata bulks up hardware with 3 TB drives

Two weeks after optimizing its object-based storage software, Amplidata is making its appliance denser to hold more data and use less power.

The Amplistor XT Storage System now supports 3 TB SATA drives in its new AS30 module, allowing it to hold 30 TB in a 1U box and scale to 1.2 PB in a rack with 40 modules. The AS30 will eventually replace Amplidata’s AS20, which holds 2 TB drives and 20 TB in one appliance.

Amplidata claims the AS30 uses about 30 percent less power than the AS20, requiring 2.2 watts per terabyte when idle and 3.3 watts per terabyte when in use. That’s about the same power of a 60-watt light bulb for the entire 30 TB module.

“The really big thing is the power consumption is just over 65 watts, when powered and idle with no disk activity,” said Paul Speciale, Amplidata’s VP of products. “When there is activity, it consumes 3.3 watts per terabyte. But just because of the low performance, these systems can go tens of gigabytes per system so you are not giving up on performance.”

Amplidata’s storage platform is designed for cloud archiving of media and entertainment files, and “big data” file storage. Amplidata sees the media and entertainment industry as a key target for the larger drives.

The vendor improved its BitSpread erasure coding software and data management with its latest AmpliStor XT software released earlier this month.

Randy Kerns, senior strategist at Evaluator Group, said erasure code-based technology becomes more important with higher capacity drives because there is a greater probability of drive failures in the larger drives.

“As you get to higher capacity drives, you have a greater exposure to a second drive failure and rebuild times are longer,” Kerns said. “With that exposure, the probability goes up. Two terabyte drives typically take eight hours to rebuild in a normal system, so it becomes more important when you go to three or four terabyte drives in a multi-petabyte system because you have a higher probability of a problem happening. Media and entertainment is very sensitive to these issues and Amplilidata is targeting that market.”

Amplidata’s AS30 has a starting price of under $0.60 per Gigabyte.

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