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Amplidata adds denser, faster object storage nodes

Fresh off of a CEO change and funding round, object storage vendor Amplidata today added a larger capacity storage node and an operating system upgrade that supports 16 TB object sizes.

The AmpliStor AS36 is Amplidata’s densest, highest-capacity node. It holds 12 3 TB drives – up from 10 on the AS30 – for 36 TB per node and can scale to 1.4 PB in a rack. Amplidata also gave the AS36 a performance boost over its predecessors through addition of the Intel E3 processor and the option to add a 240 GB multi-level cell (MLC) Intel SSD to the storage node. Amplidata previously used SSD in its controllers but not in the storage nodes.

Paul Speciale, Amplidata’s VP of products, said the SSDs are included for routing small files. He said the Sandy Bridge CPUs result in a 40% speed increase over the AS30 because they can sustain full line-rate performance to each node.

The biggest improvement in AmpliStor 3.0 software is the ability to support larger files. The previous version supported 500 GB files, but 3.0 is enhanced for big file customers. Future versions will likely support even larger objects than 16 TB, but Amplidata has to make sure the larger files work with its erasure coding.

“We think our architecture can go higher as far as object sizes, but we have to put it into the test cycle,” Speciale said. “We also have to be able to repair these drives in a reasonable amount of time.”

AmpliStor 3.0 also can rebalance storage on nodes automatically after adding capacity. Previous versions allowed customers to add storage on the fly, but did not automatically rebalance.

Last month Amplidata named former Intel executive and Atempo CEO Mike Wall as its new chief, replacing founder Wim De Wispelaere. De Wispelaere remains with the company as chief technology officer.

Amplidata also received $6 million in funding from backup and archiving vendor Quantum at the time, bringing its total funding to $20 million. Quantum has an OEM deal with Amplidata to sell AmpliStor technology under the Quantum StorNext archiving brand.

AmpliStor products are used in cloud storage as well as for archiving. Speciale said he expects the Quantum deal to drive AmpliStor more into media/entertainment, genomics and government markets where StorNext has most traction.

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