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Alleged ATM hacker discovers Flash drives are indigestible

File under “don’t try this at home” — according to The Smoking Gun, a man named Florin Necula, accused of planting a card reader on New York City ATMs to “skim” card information, has had an obstruction of justice charge added to his rap sheet after he attempted to swallow a Kingston USB Flash drive containing evidence related to the case.

Per TSG:

When Necula was unable to pass the item after about four days, doctors–concerned that the drive was not compatible with the suspect’s GI tract–concluded he “would be injured if they allowed the flash drive to remain inside of him,”

Okay, yikes. But this was the best part for me:

A Kingston executive said it was unclear if stomach acid could damage a flash drive. “As you might imagine, we have no actual experience with someone swallowing a USB,” Mike Sager wrote in an e-mail to TSG.

How I wish I could’ve been the one to forward that request for comment to Kingston’s PR! Almost as much as I wish I’d been the first to think of TSG’s coinage to describe Mr. Necula, “Giga-biter”.

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