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Akorri boosts VMware support, adds SAN performance analysis

Akorri’s cross-domain reporting software, BalancePoint, is getting deeper into VMware analytics with version 3.0, which also contains some storage updates including support for more vendors and SAN switch performance analysis.

The version launched today includes virtual-machine level granularity for identifying resource contention, CPU and memory utilization, and CPU efficiency within the physical host; previously, analytics were performed by Akorri according by physical server rather than VM.

On the storage front, this new release adds support for 3PAR storage arrays to existing support for HDS and NetApp. BalancePoint can also now map storage switch infrastructures made up of Brocade and Cisco switches, analyze storage switch performance, and identify overutilized and underutilized SAN switch ports.

The most comparable product to Akorri that storage users would be familiar with would be NetApp’s Onaro, which is also software deployed without host agents, and also contains SAN switch performance analysis, as well as mapping virtual-machine level relationships to the underlying storage infrastructure. However, Akorri also includes more server-specific analytics while Onaro focuses on the storage infrastructure. Another storage-focused monitoring tool, Symantec’s CommandCentral Storage, also offers virtual-machine level analytics, but requires host agents. CommandCentral Storage, while also storage-focused, can be rolled up into Symantec’s overall data center management framework for cross-domain support.

In recent years, widespread VMware deployment has called for better analytics in IT to help smooth out performance bottlenecks and resource contention within the physical infrastructure. Until recently, however, deployment of storage resource management (SRM) tools been sluggish, although recent analyst research this year suggests that the economic downturn has more users looking to analyze and improve existing assets for better storage efficiency using these tools. This research also suggests that storage teams are increasingly cooperating with other IT departments, especially networking, to better optimize data center performance.

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