Storage Soup

April 2013

  • Archiving explained

    Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group 26 Apr 2013
  • The term archiving can be used in different contexts. Its use across vertical markets and in practice leads to confusion and communication problems. Working on strategy projects with IT clients has ...

  • Nimble Storage adds reference architecture, new level of analytics

    Dave Raffo - Editorial News Director 19 Apr 2013
  • Startup Nimble Storage is taking a page out of NetApp’s playbook with its private cloud reference architecture put together with Cicso and Microsoft. And it is going beyond other storage vendors’ ...

  • Storage playing key role in entertainment industry

    Randy Kerns - Evaluator Group 19 Apr 2013
  • The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference has become a big focus for storage vendors. The growth in media content and the increased resolution of recordings make for a fast growing ...