Storage Soup

August 2007

  • IBM reports atomic storage progress

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 31 Aug 2007
  • IBM has reported two discoveries in its ongoing work in nanotechnology, both of which have implications for data storage of almost unimaginably tiny proportions. According to a Reuters report, ...

  • Storage vendors planning to bask in VMworld spotlight

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 31 Aug 2007
  • It is not often that a non-storage conference distracts from the normal round of storage conferences such as Storage Decisions and Storage Networking World, but that may be the case when VMworld ...

  • CA has yet to deliver

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 02 Aug 2007
  • This last week, I had a chance to catch up with CA on what integration has occurred in their Recovery Management product line since I last spoke to them in February. Based upon what they told me in ...