Storage Soup

June 2007

  • When Plan B fails

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 21 Jun 2007
  • This morning Plan B failed. I have high speed internet access into my office, but I pay a small monthly fee to keep a pay-per-minute dial-up account just in case my high speed internet provider ...

  • A word on options backdating

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 20 Jun 2007
  • Former Brocade CEO, Greg Reyes, went to court Monday to face the music for options backdating. His trial is the first of over 100 cases against companies accused of options backdating and the ...

  • Further notes on HP StorageWorks and Technology Forum

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 20 Jun 2007
  • HP's impressive keynote hall...actually a boxing arena. Welcome back to Las Vegas, where water (a precious commodity in the desert) will cost you $4 a bottle. This week, storage users moved from ...

  • Users: We need remote office data protection

    Carolyn Gibney 19 Jun 2007
  • One of the common questions I am getting from IT people that I meet with is how can they protect remote offices, typically those with no local, at least officially anyway, IT staff. It is important ...

  • Symantec Vision–Dispatches from Keynote Central

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 15 Jun 2007
  • Coming to you from sunny Las Vegas, in the "Blogger's Lounge" inside Symantec's Vision City (their name for the show floor). Seemed apropos. In addition to the Blogger's Lounge, which consists of ...

  • Shameful disclosure

    Jo Maitland - TechTarget 13 Jun 2007
  • Word of tapes "falling off the back of trucks" is almost a once-a-month event these days, but the way companies handle the disclosure of these albeit embarrassing incidents is shameful. A coworker ...

  • How much data deletion is enough?

    Billy Hurley 12 Jun 2007
  • We all know that deleting a file doesn't actually "delete" anything. Deletion only marks the file's clusters as free for re-use -- data actually remains tucked away within the sectors of each ...

  • DPM software: Makeover or coverup?

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 11 Jun 2007
  • Arun Taneja and I have focused on the topic of data protection management (DPM) in recent posts. He sees what I also see – DPM software is undergoing a significant transition in purpose. While DPM ...

  • Meet Drobo. Could it be the RAID of the future?

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 05 Jun 2007
  • Data Robotics, a new storage startup just coming out of stealth, has announced both itself and its first product today. Data Robotics was formerly working under the name Trusted Data, and is a ...

  • Cross correlation engines reaching into primary storage

    Nicole D'Amour 04 Jun 2007
  • You have seen my writings on (and may even have heard me speak about) Cross Correlation (CC) analytics engine as a necessary part of a Data Protection Management (DPM) product. DPM products make ...