Storage Soup

May 2007

  • “VTL” does not mean “PNP”

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 21 May 2007
  • If you think data protection management (DPM) tools that monitor and report on backup successes and failures are going to disappear with the introduction of virtual tape libraries (VTLs), think ...

  • Storage Decisions Chicago: Blue-chips discuss DR, e-Discovery

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 16 May 2007
  • Things have gotten kicked off in earnest out here in the Windy City at this year's Storage Decisions conference in Chicago. Today was the first full day of sessions at this year's edition of the ...

  • Is your data on fire?

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 11 May 2007
  • Is your data on fire? In this case, I am not talking about how frequently your data is accessed or how great the information is contained in your data? I am talking about literally on fire. Why do ...

  • Discussion continues after Kidd Q&A

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 07 May 2007
  • Jay Kidd, NetApp's chief of emerging technologies, dropped some bombs about virtualization in our Q & A with him April 26. The article touched off an immediate response, which has branched out ...

  • EMC: Stop. Collaborate and listen.

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 07 May 2007
  • It's been said in the IT industry that big companies can't innovate. EMC is at least giving it the old college try with the announcement of the EMC Innovation Network, essentially a framework for ...

  • At the brink of the data deduplication wars

    Nicole D'Amour 02 May 2007
  • OK folks, the data deduplication war has begun. In the center of the war are vendors such as Data Domain, Diligent Technologies, ExaGrid, FalconStor, Quantum and SEPATON. It is only a question of ...

  • Square pegs in round holes

    Maggie Sullivan - SEO/Content Specialist 30 Apr 2007
  • Do all companies fit neatly into the emerging corporate data protection architecture? The predominant model that most enterprise data protection products are pegging corporate users into is backing ...