• March 31, 2008 31 Mar'08

    Startup Fusion-io flashes its card

    Fusion-io came out of stealth today with a PCIe flash card designed to give off-the-shelf servers SAN-like performance. Fusion-io calls its product the ioDrive, and it's NAND-based storage that ...  Continue Reading

  • March 31, 2008 31 Mar'08

    SAN management refresher

    If you're new to storage area network technology, or just need to refresh the basics, this guide covers the essential concepts of configuration, provisioning, performance and capacity management, and monitoring and troubleshooting.  Continue Reading

  • March 31, 2008 31 Mar'08

    Storage area network connectivity overview

    Each switch and storage system on the storage area network (SAN) must be interconnected -- usually through optical fiber or copper cabling -- and the physical interconnections must support bandwidth levels that can adequately handle the peak data ...  Continue Reading