• February 06, 2008 06 Feb'08

    Riverbed plots new remote office platform with software blades

    Riverbed is ready to expand its Steelhead WAFS product line with software blades that add new services for remote offices.  Continue Reading

  • February 06, 2008 06 Feb'08

    Handbook: Best practices for SAN expansion

    Best practices for SAN expansion include options for integrating SAN and NAS or iSCSI and Fibre Channel, evaluating capacity planning tools, as well as upgrading switches, disk arrays and HBAs.  Continue Reading

  • February 06, 2008 06 Feb'08

    How to make your storage greener

    Rick Cook explains how to evaluate your storage energy demands and reduce the cost of power consumption.  Continue Reading

  • February 05, 2008 05 Feb'08

    Human element will be key for Dell/EqualLogic

    So far, I'd have to say Dell has done just about everything it can to make its acquisition of EqualLogic go right. The question now, though, is whether or not it will be enough. Dell has said all ...  Continue Reading

  • February 04, 2008 04 Feb'08

    Xsigo Systems Inc. VP780 I/O Director

    Xsigo Systems Inc.'s VP780 I/O Director delivers converged IO, which means that all servers have access to all LANs and SANs. This is useful in virtualized environments where IO patterns are frequently changing. Some have called this concept the ...  Continue Reading

  • February 04, 2008 04 Feb'08

    Storwize STN-6000

    The Storwize Inc. STN-6000 appliance only does one thing: Compresses data to reduce storage capacity by up to five times the uncompressed data. Even though the STN-6000 sits in the network, it doesn't degrade performance as data passes from the ...  Continue Reading

  • February 04, 2008 04 Feb'08

    Seagate Technology Momentus 5400 FDE.2

    Seagate Technology LLC incorporated full disk encryption directly onto its Momentus 5400 FDE.2 hard drive. This seemingly small step has forever changed the rules of enterprise data protection, especially for the most vulnerable enterprise data that...  Continue Reading

  • February 04, 2008 04 Feb'08

    Riverbed Technology Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) 4.0

    In 2007, Riverbed Technology released a major upgrade to its Steelhead wide-area data services appliances and Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) 4.0 OS. The upgrades enhance the security and scalability of data transfers between branch offices and ...  Continue Reading

  • February 04, 2008 04 Feb'08

    Finisar NetWisdom Enterprise

    Finisar Corp.'s NetWisdom Enterprise monitors individual ports in a Fibre Channel (FC) SAN at the IO transaction packet level, providing real-time and historical insight into application latency and bandwidth consumption.  Continue Reading

  • February 04, 2008 04 Feb'08

    Akorri BalancePoint 1.7.1

    Akorri BalancePoint collects information from physical and virtual servers, storage and the network, and then creates reports that suggest ways to optimize an application's performance.  Continue Reading