• January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    Arkivio hops on a Rocket

    Rocket Software adds archiving software from startup Arkivio to its portfolio of storage offerings, but not much integration is expected between Arkivio and its other products.  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    Implementing LUNs

    Greg Schulz explains how to create and implement LUNs.  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    LUN basics

    Greg Schulz outlines what a LUN is and how it is used.  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    WAN backups, archives and disaster recovery

    With backups and disaster recovery sets, the main consideration for the WAN is efficiency: making the most of available bandwidth to move the most data in the least time. But not every organization can afford high-bandwidth WAN connections, and ...  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    Learn all about LUNs

    A LUN is the unique address for a SCSI device or a virtual hard disk partition in a RAID configuration. This handbook tells how to manage and partition LUNs.  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    High-performance NAS speeds file-based storage

    Traditionally, NAS systems have had limitations in throughput, connectivity, reliability and scalability. As a result, mission-critical storage tasks still required a SAN. Today, a new generation of high-performance NAS systems promises to overcome ...  Continue Reading

  • January 08, 2008 08 Jan'08

    EMC overshoots SMBs again

    If EMC set out to improve its Clariion AX150, then it succeeded with the AX4 it launched today. But if it wants to offer a system optimized for SMBs, then it still has some work to do. The AX4 ...  Continue Reading