• January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    WAN backups, archives and disaster recovery

    With backups and disaster recovery sets, the main consideration for the WAN is efficiency: making the most of available bandwidth to move the most data in the least time. But not every organization can afford high-bandwidth WAN connections, and ...  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    High-performance NAS speeds file-based storage

    Traditionally, NAS systems have had limitations in throughput, connectivity, reliability and scalability. As a result, mission-critical storage tasks still required a SAN. Today, a new generation of high-performance NAS systems promises to overcome ...  Continue Reading

  • January 09, 2008 09 Jan'08

    Learn all about LUNs

    A LUN is the unique address for a SCSI device or a virtual hard disk partition in a RAID configuration. This handbook tells how to manage and partition LUNs.  Continue Reading