• May 14, 2007 14 May'07

    Hot Spots: Time to learn from Microsoft's mistakes

    Security is a cradle-to-grave commitment that spans products, processes and personnel. Microsoft has proved that you can turn on a dime and remedy security shortcomings, and now some leading storage vendors are following its example.  Continue Reading

  • May 14, 2007 14 May'07

    Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Data Protection and Backup Track (CHI 2007)

    This track covers the staple backup technologies such as disk and tape, but also has an eye on the litany of new technologies set to drastically alter the data protection landscape.  Continue Reading

  • May 13, 2007 13 May'07

    Storage Decisions Session Downloads (LV 2006)

    Storage managers are hit a crossroads in 2006. Data in virtually every organization continued to grow at a breakneck pace -- and to keep up, storage networks continued to be built out. This effort was juxtaposed against the storage manager's need to...  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07

    tape drive

    A tape drive is a device that stores computer data on magnetic tape, especially for backup and archiving purposes.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07


    Millipede is a nano-storage prototype developed by IBM that can store data at a density of a trillion bits per square inch: 20 times more than any currently available magnetic storage medium.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07


    Nano-storage is a nanotechnology approach to storage that seeks to radically increase storage capacities through a variety of technologies, and, ultimately, to replace current storage media with extremely high-density media and devices.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07

    UDO (ultra density optical)

    Ultra density optical (UDO) is an optical storage technology that increases capacities by using an extremely focused blue laser to write and read data.  Continue Reading