• November 01, 2005 01 Nov'05

    virtual tape

    Virtual tape is an archival storage technology that makes it possible to save data as if it were being stored on tape although it may actually be stored on hard disk or on another storage medium.  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2005 01 Nov'05

    Survey says storage salaries are climbing

    An improving economy helped fatten paychecks a bit in 2005, says storage engineer Chad Smykay, whose group reaped the benefits with raises and bonuses. In addition, get information on how new file systems spearhead storage innovation, and how ...  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2005 01 Nov'05

    How disk has changed backup

    Inexpensive disk has spawned a variety of disk-based backup alternatives. But with more choices comes greater complexity compared to the days when you simply had to choose a backup application and tape library. Backup guru W. Curtis Preston explains...  Continue Reading