• August 06, 2004 06 Aug'04

    Lesson two: Storage Management Survival School

    Are poor day-to-day operations stymieing your storage network? In this 15-minute lesson Greg Schulz, Senior Analyst of the Evaluator Group, looks at the real nuts and bolts of storage management. Learn the best practices, processes and tools ...  Continue Reading

  • August 06, 2004 06 Aug'04

    Brocade zones in on patents

    Brocade has landed a couple of patents, one for soft zoning -- a term that has caused some confusion in the industry.  Continue Reading

  • August 05, 2004 05 Aug'04

    Tech Roundup: Virtualization

    While the merits of storage virtualization have been widely argued in recent years, users are now coming around to the notion that virtualization is a worthy and real technology. This tech roundup has the latest on virtualization.  Continue Reading