• February 20, 2004 20 Feb'04

    Backup school: Lesson six

    Lesson six of SearchStorage.com's Backup School is designed to help you cope with hardware loss. This lesson looks into RAID levels and how to set up an effective RAID system. Professor Dorian Cougias also covers the ins and outs of storage area ...  Continue Reading

  • February 20, 2004 20 Feb'04

    Cisco completes intelligent switch acquisition

    Cisco leads off this week's news roundup by mopping up its Andiamo acquisition. Other items include NetApp's completion of the Spinnaker acquisition and Zantaz has plans to buy an e-mail storage management vendor.  Continue Reading

  • February 19, 2004 19 Feb'04

    The critical link in mirroring

    It's important it is keep the lines of communication open. The same is true for data mirroring. This tip explains why it's crucial to analyze the quality of your lines.  Continue Reading