Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

  • NAS security 2

    NAS expert Randy Kerns answers a reader's question: How do I secure a network attached storage (NAS) box from physical attacks as well as network based attacks? I have found that disk encryption is useful where there is a physical insecurity like ...  Continue Reading

  • Connecting a hard drive to NAS

    Our NAS expert Randy Kerns answers this question, posed by one of our readers: "How would I take an ordinary hard drive and create a network attached storage (NAS) hard drive instead of buying an external hard drive?"  Continue Reading

  • Director vs. switch

    Storage expert Greg Schulz outlines things to consider when choosing switches for a SAN.  Continue Reading

  • Upgrading high-end arrays

    We are currently using an HDS9960 array and are planning to upgrade early next year to another enterprise array. We're in the process of evaluating solutions from Sun/HDS, IBM and EMC. Are there any other vendors of high-end arrays that we should ...  Continue Reading

  • Purchasing new storage

    We are looking at purchasing a new storage system for our financial application, what should we be looking for? The system needs to provide very high level of performance, be up 24x7 and mirror the information in real-time to our secondary data ...  Continue Reading