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Primary storage devices

  • EMC DMX vs. Centera

    SAN expert Greg Schulz answers a reader's question regarding EMC DMX vs. Centera storage devices.  Continue Reading

  • NAS security 2

    NAS expert Randy Kerns answers a reader's question: How do I secure a network attached storage (NAS) box from physical attacks as well as network based attacks? I have found that disk encryption is useful where there is a physical insecurity like ...  Continue Reading

  • Connecting a hard drive to NAS

    Our NAS expert Randy Kerns answers this question, posed by one of our readers: "How would I take an ordinary hard drive and create a network attached storage (NAS) hard drive instead of buying an external hard drive?"  Continue Reading

  • Director vs. switch

    Storage expert Greg Schulz outlines things to consider when choosing switches for a SAN.  Continue Reading

  • Upgrading high-end arrays

    We are currently using an HDS9960 array and are planning to upgrade early next year to another enterprise array. We're in the process of evaluating solutions from Sun/HDS, IBM and EMC. Are there any other vendors of high-end arrays that we should ...  Continue Reading