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Writing a simple application that queries NAS/SAN

We need to write a simple application that queries a NAS or SAN device about some status say, "number of volumes" or "free space'" or the like. If we need to support devices from various vendors (SUN, Hitachi, LSI, EMC, etc.), do we need to:

1. Receive from each vendor a specific API ? Do they have it?
2. Receive from each vendor its proprietary SNMP/MIB or CIM/MOF? Do all vendors have them?
3. Receive them all from some third party company and/or software?

Thanks a lot.

Without being able to narrow the list, you're in a situation where you will have to work case by case. In certain more modern SAN scenarios, there are some common interfaces that might work across platforms. When you add in NAS, that goes away. Scenario #1 is what you are left with. Most of the hardware vendors can supply you with a CLI or an API that will give you what you need, but even then, not all.

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