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Working with Windows ME

How do I create a daily backup on my system? I want the icon to sit on my desktop so each night, before I finish my work, I can just click on the icon so it reminds me to back up before I shut down and back up my system to CD ROM. I have searched everywhere on Windows ME and I cannot find how to do it. I am an artist not a nuclear scientist. If you can help I would be so very grateful. At the moment, I have to send everything onto a CD ROM in my E drive and it is very time consuming.

There are a couple a ways you can backup on a daily basis. However, before getting to those, it is important to realize that you should be creating two types of backups: A full backup and incremental backup. A full backup will copy bit for bit all the data from your drives on to your archive media. An incremental backup will copy just the files that have changed since your last full backup.

Both Windows ME and 98 have a backup program that resides in the system tools folder. This backup program will allow you backup your system to a specified archive media. This archive media could be a tape drive, CD ROM, hard disk, or other media type. If you want a reminder to do this everyday, you should create a shortcut to the backup program. Information on creating a shortcut can be found in your ME documentation.

Another program that you may find easier to use and more feature-rich is a program from 1Vision software called 1Safe. This program allows puts a status bar on your screen and allows you a lot flexibility. For a free trial of the software, go to http://www.1visionsoftware.com./

Jim Booth

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