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With a book and a guide you can build a SAN all by yourself

Do you know of any articles on the Net that detail the full implementation (step-by-step) of a SAN solution? I see that HP provides some blueprints and bill of materials but I need details of actually creating the LUNs, configuring the FC switch, etc.
I hate to do a blatant plug but my book "Storage area networks for dummies" does just that. If you combine the book with the install guide for your particular storage subsystem, you should be able to build a SAN all by yourself. I include how to set up the switch zones, how to allocate LUNS (I have an example of StorageWorks LUN creation in the book) and how to install the drivers on your servers.

In lieu of doing that, the vendor you bought your storage from will usually include installation with the solution. Ask your vendor to install it for you, look over their shoulder while they do it and take notes along way. Actually doing it is the best way to learn it!


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