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Windows 2000/Linux based NAS

Do you think that Windows 2000 embedded operating systems will surpass the current Linux based NAS systems? What do you believe to be the OS for NAS appliances in the future?
The Windows 2000 embedded OS will certainly be used in some NAS products. Linux is not used extensively within NAS products today so I would expect the embedded OS from MS to eventually surpass it. Remember, the majority of NAS products in use today don't use either - they use a special purpose operating system. The major players in NAS (for market share) are Network Appliance which has its custom Data ONTAP operating system and EMC which has DART (Data Access in Real Time) OS in its data movers for Celerra and the CrosStor software in its IP4700. So, to speculate on Windows 2000 embedded OS vs. Linux in NAS is interesting but that's not where the market share is. I believe we'll still see custom OSs dominate in the NAS products from the major vendors. This is one of their main differentiating points.

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