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Why you should consider storage consolidation

Can you give me a few (more) reasons why we should consider storage consolidation?

Storage consolidation presents one physical, centrally managed storage system as multiple logical storage systems to multiple servers. Storage consolidation offers these benefits:

  • As mentioned above, reduced administration costs through centralization of storage systems - system administrators will have fewer storage systems to manage and maintain (only 10-15 percent of storage TCO).
  • Another cost savings is that you need fewer "types" of components and potentially fewer drives are needed as a result of consolidation, lowering initial and/or incremental hardware costs.
  • Flexible storage allocation - the ability to dynamically distribute and re-distribute storage as needed (O/S dependent).
  • More efficient use of storage - host storage can be allocated closer to required capacity and available storage is usable by any host (no wasted space).
  • Storage consolidation provides the opportunity to amortize the cost of highly available, high performance storage over multiple servers or clusters.
  • Storage systems and servers can be purchased independently of each other giving the end user the ability to chose the best system for a give application.
  • Free up administrators time to focus on other needs of the enterprise.

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