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Why is lack of write ordering guarantee not mentioned more?

Why is the lack of a write ordering guarantee (i.e. the use of a track table as opposed to a side file, with the EMC SRDF -- async mode or adaptive copy solution) not mentioned more in the storage industry? I believe that I have read many storage documents that tout EMC's SRDF solution capabilities but very few that mention this.

While it would not be appropriate for me to attempt to represent the entire EMC marketplace, I will, nevertheless, take my best shot. (Far be it from me to do the appropriate thing.)

As far as I know, EMC has successfully side-stepped the issue by de-emphasizing their asynchronous capabilities, while emphasizing synchronous replication, along with their semi-synchronous replication. They also do a remarkably good job in managing what gets published about them.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks for writing.

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