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Where do my responsibilities end when providing storage services?

Where does my responsibility end for delivering storage services within my organization? Does it end at the HBA, the file system or somewhere else?

Good question. Basically you can only held responsible for what you control. So if your department controls the data path up to the HBA (including the maintenance of the HBA) this is the point where you deliver your service. If you have responsibility for the file systems and raw volumes (databases), your responsibility ends here.

Think in terms of the data path. At what point of the journey does digital data cross the line and enters the realm of your environment? This is where your responsibility for the data path starts. Most of the time this will be the level of raw devices (databases) or the HBA, but there are some storage units that already take responsibility for the file systems too and the amount is growing. Remember from a logical point of view the storage realm starts at the file level.
-Norbert Haag

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