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What's up with these warnings?

I have a W2K Advanced Server with SP2 and the RAIDs are configured with RAID10 (of 6 drives in each RAID container). I have 3 RAID10s. The drives are 36GB each of 15K rpm and ULTRA160MBs.

I created 20 backup devices and started a SQL Server backup process which backsup a 22GB database and that is when I got the following messages. I get this message for all the three RAID10 containers (i.e., G drive, H drive and I drive).

My question is, are there any known issues with W2K and RAID10 containers?

The Server is a HP NetServer LXr8500 with 2* 36GB drives connected with aHP NetRAID 4M controller configured with RAID1.

There are two RAID cages - HP RACKSTORAGE 12 - connected to it. Each of the RAID cages has 12 drives of 36GB each.

The first RS12, has a RAID10 (4 * 36GB) which is the E Drive, RAID1 (2 *36GB) which is the F Drive and RAID10 (6 * 36GB) which is the G Drive.

The Second RS12 has a RAID10 (6 * 36GB) which is the H drive and another RAID10 (6 * 36GB) which is the I drive.

So, each of the six drives are connected via a 4M controller card.


Information - dmio: Harddisk4 write error at block 41909082: status 0xc000009a
Warning - dmio: Disk Harddisk4 block 41909082 (mountpoint H:): Uncorrectable write error

Information - dmio: Harddisk3 read error at block 27095615: status 0xc000009a
Warning - dmio: Disk Harddisk3 block 27095615 (mountpoint G:): Uncorrectable read error

Information - dmio: Harddisk5 read error at block 73004479: status 0xc000009a
Warning - dmio: Disk Harddisk5 block 73004479 (mountpoint I:): Uncorrectable read error

If I understand correctly, you're using these disk drives as backup devices for your SQL Server backup and you're getting write errors when you do it. The first thing I would do is to make sure that you can write to them at all. Take SQL Server out of the picture.

Use tools like Winzip and NTBackup to make large-scale backups to these devices and see if they work at all. If they don't work when using these programs, then the problem is somewhere within the RAID setup. If they do work when you're making four simultaneous NTBackups or Winzips to these four disks, then the problem is with SQL Server. Troubleshooting that is best done by calling Microsoft support.

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