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What's down the road for NAND flash technology?

Technology expert Dennis Martin of Demartek discusses whether NAND flash technology will stick around or be overtaken in this Expert Answer.

Does NAND flash technology have legs or will another technology overtake it?

NAND flash still has some room to grow, as far as what vendors can do with it. They are still shrinking the die sizes; they are starting to get down to some interesting physics problems as they get down to below 20 nanometers at the flash level. They are developing things like 3D NAND and other things, so we are nearing the end, but we are not there yet.

On the other hand, there are a number of other technologies such as phase-change and memristors that are starting to get into the prototype level, which will probably be the successors to NAND flash technology. It is still a nonvolatile storage-class memory type technology, so you still have the big jump from hard drives to this memory technology. It will just be a different type of memory.

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