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What should you consider before deploying an all-flash storage array?

What is the one hidden gotcha that you'd advise users about if they were shopping for an all-flash storage array?

The biggest thing is getting away from capacity-based pricing issues.

Once you get beyond that, any other concern is about the support that you get from the vendor. Does the architecture lock you into a particular size or can you scale and grow effectively? Is there an internal limitation that might not work for you? In other words, where is your bottleneck at? You need to ask how you'll get beyond it. Do you need to buy another box and manage them separately, or can you aggregate management across them?

Those are really the issues to look at. Basically, you're going to scale, you're going to grow over time. How do you grow becomes the next big thing to deal with.

In other words, do you just continue to populate more boxes, or will you scale up and scale out your environment?  Those are the things we typically get into discussions about.

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