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What role do data migration projects play in tiered data storage?

Learn about how tiered storage and your data migration projects can help each other in this expert response.

What role do data migration projects play in storage tiering?
Within efficient storage shops, data migration projects can be an engine behind on-going storage tiering, but more often than not data migration is unfortunately a single point in time exercise today instead of a piece of a storage tiering strategy. Tiered data storage can solve a lot of storage pain points, and can also extend the life of your storage, and reduce the need for major migration exercises.

If you're approaching a one-time data migration exercise, there is no better time for your business to understand the value in storage tiering, and this can be a great time to explore automated or periodic storage tiering. Moreover, architecting an approach to storage tiering might also equip your IT shop with some good tools to get through the pain of this one-time data migration event you face today, and you might just get double the bang for your buck.

EDITOR'S TIP: For more on data migration and storage tiering, read about the importance of data migration in storage tiering.

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